If you have been playing Roblox games for long and amassed good amounts of Robux with you, you can help other gamers (especially your friends) who have no more Robux left in their accounts and are struggling to survive in Roblox. Want to know how? By donating them your Robux. But you cannot help them until and unless you know how to donate robux to them.You must be well aware of the fact that Roblox is an extremely enjoyable platform to play games as long as you have Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox with you. But once the stock of Robux runs out, not only playing games becomes boring but also surviving in games becomes too tough. 

Donate Robux to Others on Roblox [Guide]
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But if you know how to transfer your Robux to your friends, you can help them make a comeback in Roblox. If you really want to help friends in games, keep scrolling down to read the procedure you would have to follow to give away your Robux. 

How to Get Free Robux?

If you are ready with stocks of Robux to donate to other needy friends of yours, read the process to help them out. The following are the steps you can follow to donate this virtual currency to others.

There are three ways you can choose from to donate Robux to other persons.

The first method can be used to donate Robux to those with the BC membership, the second can be used to donate to those without the BC membership, and the third one is a bit different from the rest two methods. 

Donating Robux to the Builder’s Club Members

The first method is for those who want to donate the virtual currency to those who are members of the Builder’s Club. 

This method involves asking your friend to sell a virtual item (like a T-shirt or a pair of pants). Make sure that your friend has got something to sell. Otherwise, no method of a direct transfer exists. 

After you have confirmed that your friend has a virtual item to sell, you can go through the following steps to find out how you can give away your virtual currency to your friend.

  • Ask the Player to Upload the Item

In the first step, you need to ask your friend to upload the item that he has created to the catalogue and tag a price for that.

  • Log In to Roblox

In this step, you need to sign in to the registered account you have on Roblox by typing your login credentials.

  • Click ‘Catalogue’

After you open your Roblox account, navigate to the ‘Catalogue’ tab and click on that tab. 

  • Search the Donation Item

Type the name of the item for sale in the search box and find it by hitting ‘Search’.

Note: The name of the donation item for sale will be decided by the creator. 

  • Select the Donation Item

After you have clicked ‘Search’, select the item for sale your friend has uploaded from the list of items in search results.

  • Buy the Item

Click ‘Buy with R$’ next to the item to buy that item. 

Donating Robux to the non-Builder’s Club members

If you are thinking of giving away Robux to those who don’t have the Builder’s Club members, you will need to ask for help from a third person to complete this donation process. 

The following steps will guide you on how to donate Robux to such a person with no Builder’s Club membership.

  • Involve a person with the Builder’s Club Membership

In the first step, you have to request a person with the BC membership and a group to add the person without the BC membership who you want to help by donating the virtual currency. 

  • Purchase a Clothing Item

In this step, you need to buy a clothing item and add your funds to the group. 

  • Request the Group Admin for Donation

In the last step after you have added funds to the group to which your friend is added, you will have to request your group admin to transfer the funds you added to the group to the account of the person who you want to donate your virtual currency to. 

This is a bit lengthy method and a bit confusing, but it is still helpful to donate the virtual currency to your fellow members with no BC membership.

  • Create a Game Pass

Apart from buying T-shirts or other clothing stuff and helping other persons get the virtual currency for Roblox, you can also create games to help others. 

If you are filled with creativity to the brim, you can create games and sell game passes. You can add the funds you get for their sale to a group to which your friend has been added upon your request. After adding funds, request that group admin to transfer your added funds to your needy friend in the same way as you did in the second method. This method is long but helpful.

So, you see that donating Robux to a gamer not only helps him win games but also survive in games. You can donating Robux to persons with the Builder’s Club membership and the persons without that but more easily to the former ones. 

So, keep donating Robux to the needy and helping them out in Roblox games. Good luck with Robux donation!